Analysis Committee

The purpose of the Analysis Committee is to perform bench-marking analyses of the Danish venture capital market, and to gather and distribute information, knowledge and overview for DVCA members.
Chairman: Niels Henrik B. Mikkelsen, PriceWaterhouseCoopers,

Business Angel Committee

Chairman: Jesper Jarlbæk, BA Øresund,

Financial Regulatory Commitee

Chairman:Marianne Settnes,

Legal Committee

The purpose of the Legal Committee is to facilitate the professionalisation of the Danish private equity and venture capital market, and to support DVCA’s other committees on legal issues.
Chairman: Jacob Vinther, Accura,

Private Equity Committee

The purpose of the Private Equity Committee is to highlight the need for buyouts and to facilitate a political framework that eases the buyout process. It is also to raise awareness of the financial structure of management- and generation buyouts.
Chairman: Christian Frigast, Axcel,

Tax Committee

Chairman: Daniel Noe Harboe, PricewaterhouseCoopers,

Venture Capital Committee

Chairman: Gregers Kronborg, Northzone Ventures,


For more information on the committees, please contact Director, Gorm Boe Petersen,, phone: +45 41 19 91 63.