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Niels Korsholm Beløb:: Under 1 mio. DKK, 1-10 mio. DKK.
Adresse: Vejdammen 12 Holte 2840 Danmark Work Phone: 40 73 56 47 Website:


We are living in a world of radical innovation and disruption. Every industry is being information enabled and prone to exponential growth. Exponential technologies have become key enablers of a world of increasing wealth and opportunities. For some this is a threat, and for others it implies massive new business opportunities. Almost anyone with a passion has the ability to bring real change into this world. As angel investor, mentor and non-executive board member I have a new professional passion to help entrepreneurs launch, grow and develop their ventures based on the above massive new opportunities. A few years ago I took the “Exponential Organizations Pill” and it has massively impacted my mindset and priorities towards new perspectives. I do try to make money as an investor. However, I am very conscious of whether a company in which I invest is contributing to the common good – as I see it. Please also consult

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Vejdammen 12 Holte 2840 Danmark