VC Financing of Society

With VCFS we have developed a scientific way to beat the markets on both risk and return. We gain a high return from many small companies, provide investors fixed interest rates, take no fees and use our profits to improve society.
Andet Jernbanegade 27 (meetings usually in 23B) Roskilde 4000 Telefon Arbejde: +45 20730028


With the Venture Capital Financing of Society we have developed a way to beat the venture capital markets on both risk and return (at least for portfolios like ours, of less than USD 250,000,000), while using at least 10% of our profits to scientifically improve society.

We take in DKK 35,000+ loans from investors at 5-9% p.a. fixed interest rate in 2-50 years without any fees (rather than the ‘2-and-20’ agreement of a 10-year fund), and invest them in a standard DKK min. 250K to max. 2M pattern (in return for 3.75% ownership per 250,000) in pre-approved small Danish companies with a relatively slow but stable growth pattern, in a well-tested scientific way built on our average 20+ years of experience, as explained in the The Science and facts behind VCFS.

We keep everything transparent and to-the-point, and our contracts are standard 2 pages. Looking forward to hear from you.


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