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Headhunting/rekruttering – Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Baltics, Germany, UK og Italy.
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Our Executive Search  is characterized by a thorough search process and a rigorous selection procedure. This means that we search for your new colleague in our extensive network, databases, Birn + Partners ambassadors, and personal references. Furthermore we select potential candidates from the written applications we receive.
It’s important to distinguish between search and selection, because the right candidate is often not actively looking for a new job and thus not part of the applications to select from. Instead the right candidate is often a passive job seeker, who needs to be approached!

Our Onboarding is an effective and individual process that provides your new manager with the knowledge and insight normally gained after 12 months in a new job in only 100 days. The structure of the program is based on a market survey conducted with 600 top executives and facilitates a truly efficient integration of your new manager, who will fast become a performer. You can see key findings from the survey below.

Birn + Partners’ Assessment and Development services are customized services that has development of leaders, managers, or specialists in focus with your organizational strategic goals as the driving force.

Our Assessment & Development services has been developed based on interviews with some of the largest global organizations in Denmark. By interviewing key HR executives on how they structure and use Assessment & Development, and how their processes could be improved, we have put together flexible Assessment & Development concepts that can be tailored to fit your organizational challenges and strategic goals.


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